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Major Services Provided by ESP Managed Solutions


Management Consulting

1. Management Consulting
2. Target Operating Models
3. Solution Auditing
4. Mentorship and Training
5. Business Change Management

SAP Solutions Implementations

1. SAP Greenfield. Implementations
2. SAP Solution Upgrades
3. SAP Solution Maintenance
4. SAP Solution Manager
5. SAP Netweaver

Solution Architecture

1. SAP Solution Architecture
2. SAP Network Infrastructure
3. SAP Data Centre Architecture
4. SAP Fail-over Fail-back  Architecture

Programme Project  Management

1. Programme Management
2. Project Management
3. Project Office

Solution Integration

1. SAP Solution Integration
2. SAP and 3rd Party Integration
3. SAP Mobility 

Electronic Document Management 

1. Electronic Document Management
2. Transaction Document Hosting
3. Document hard Copy Hosting 


SAP Solution Management and Advisory

1. Solution Change Management
2. SAP Solution Change Management
3. Business Advisory and Mentorship
4. SAP Advisory and Mentorship

Governance Risk, Compliance and Methodologies

1. Governance Risk and Compliance
2. ASAP Methodology
3. Change Management Methodology
4. Integration Methodology

Business and SAP Solution Training

1. Human Capital Business Training
2. SAP Academy Training
3. Training Needs Analysis
4. SAP End User Solution Training
5. Online Training
6. Workforce Performance Builder

Business -Technology Recruitment Services

1. Business Resource Recruitment
2. ERP Technology Recruitment
3. Administration Services 

SAP Hosting Services

1. SAP Solution Hosting
2. SAP Solution Support services
3. SAP Data Centre Hosting
4. Network Infrastructure Services

Investment Management 

1. Investment Funding for Projects 
2. Investment Advisory 
3. Investment Hosting services 


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